How to make your dating profile attractive to cougars?

In these days of free cougar dating and cougar apps, the whole wide world is at your fingertips. Logging into a cougar dating app can enable cougar dating free and give you access to many cougar dating profiles. Here is how you can make your profile more attractive to cougars.

cougar and cub dating free on apps

  1. Starting with the basics, you need to choose a popular cougar dating app that enjoys a substantial presence in the age group of women you are targeting. You should know that algorithms do all the hard work of providing you with a suitable match and your profile should be friendly to work with, electronically speaking. You should be articulate as well as concise when you sign up on a dating site. The username is the first thing that you have to choose, and go with an interesting one, avoid creepy usernames at all costs.
  2. You will be asked a lot of questions about yourself including your age and your preferences. We suggest that you do not lie in any of these questions because that would undermine your efforts to snag a hot cougar. Older women see through lies faster than a blink of an eye and it is just not worthwhile. For all the trouble that you took, it would be better to shell out some dollars for a quickie in a motel with a streetwalker.
  3. The most important constituent of your online profile is your photo. You have to upload photos of yourself that are both interesting and natural at the same time. With the trigger-happy generation doing the rounds these days, this particular segment is getting more challenging as the days go by. Once again, veer away from exposing too much skin or posing in your gym trunks. Your body is what these women are after, but not in so direct a manner. Instead, a nice and candid shot of yourself doing something that you enjoy doing is a far better option.
  4. There will be a section where you have to write something about yourself. Keeping in mind that attention spans are really small these days, you need to pack in a punch is as few words as possible. Impeccable spelling and grammar are called for in this section. In addition to this, no one wants to hear about your lousy desk job, least of all a cougar who wants to have fun with a younger man who shares her interests. Make your profile description a fun and entertaining read, peppering it with some interesting tidbits about you that will arouse curiosity in the older feline.
  5. Even the very best of cougar dating sites are full of boring guys who claim that they are funny and off the beaten path. You should keep in mind that cougars know the real deal when they say it, and small talk is not going to help you. Back up your words with pictures if possible. That will surely stoke the fires of interest.
  6. Actions always speak louder than words on an online matchmaking site like a cougar dating app. You could narrate a short but interesting story about something that you did which would make older women want to reach out to you with a ping. Additionally, it helps a lot if you have a sense of humor that you display at every given opportunity. Women love a companion who is genuinely funny and if you fall in that bracket, half the hard work is already done. Confidence is another key asset and this will be shown in the way you fill out your profile; you have to make the most impact without appearing to try too hard. Temperance is the key, and you will learn it while you play this game of cat and mouse.

10 dating skills for a successful date with a cougar

Cougar dating has always fascinated the younger male and it will continue to do so. With the advent of cougar dating online and cougar dating sites, it is pretty easy to date a cougar provided you are done with the basic introductions. With more cougar dating younger men cases than ever before, here is a peek at 10 dating skills that will make a date with a cougar memorable for you.

cougar dating successful

  1. Firstly, you should take a good look at your appearance, and ensure that you are well groomed with the clothes of a gentleman. Cougars put a lot of weight on how their younger cubs dress and act in public places and you should respect that. Unless you are a very handsome person or are extremely well groomed, you will not make it with a cougar. They have very high standards when it comes to looks and appearance, and this is one aspect that is hardly going to change.
  2. To find a cougar and have a successful date with her, you need to be at the right places at the right time. Many a cougar relationship has started in elite bars, nightclubs, and pubs where a simple drink has turned into a world of possibilities. Hence you pay attention to non-verbal cues as well as what a potential cougar is saying to get the date off to a good start.
  3. Another great tip to follow is to be bold when dating a cougar. They like to see confident young men who are not intimated by their older age and highly successful careers. They like a guy who is in the relationship for the sake of the cougar without her trappings of fame and success. Eye contact is a very important aspect when talking to cougars, they appreciate it and because eye contact is a foreteller of aggression, cougars know they will not be disappointed when it comes to passionate and aggressive love making later on after the date.
  4. A lot of younger males make the bad choice of flaunting their hard earned money in front of a cougar while on a date in order to impress them. Unless the cougar you are with is a washed out former streetwalker, this does not earn you any bonus points. Cougars are highly successful women and they have high paying jobs and businesses where it allows them to have financial freedom, the likes of which you have yet to experience. Do yourself a favor and keep the money in your wallet. Paying for a couple of drinks is okay, but the onus of paying for the date should rightly rest with the cougar in question.
  5. You have to act mature and wise beyond your years when you are with a cougar. And this is one act you cannot pull off with certainty unless it is an inherent trait with you. Try to build up intelligent conversations and maintain eye contact. Also, do not hesitate to ask your date to explain something that you did not understand. Chances are pretty high that you will be appreciated for your honesty and she will warm up to you.
  6. Drawing from the last point, do not act like an immature schoolboy. She is not your mom, and you may be asked to accompany her as a date to some high society events were the last thing she wants from you is childish behavior. Learn to hold your ground in conversation and manners as well. Remember that cougars are far from being college girls; they do not appreciate slapstick comedy or raunchy jokes in a public setting. Instead, show your sense of humor while being engaged in meaningful conversation.
  7. Another important point is that once you fix a date with a cougar, make sure that you show up, preferably five minutes in advance. Cougars are very particular about their time and do not appreciate a date who is slack with time. To them, time is a precious commodity and it should not be wasted. After you manage to win over your cougar, it is okay for you to take her out to fancy places once in a while on your tab, but then again, do not make this a show of wealth, because she will beat you hands down on this count.
  8. Do not hesitate to convey your feelings to her. This does not mean that you have to go all mushy over her. A few subtle touches and steady eye contact will work wonders for your date, and make her come back for more. Relax over some wine and speak on mutual matters of interest.
  9. You should be aware of your place in a relationship with a cougar. Most cougars date younger men for the vibrancy and youthfulness they bring in, a[part from the obvious sexual point of having a virile partner in bed. Do not disappoint her on this last count, and you can expect to see many a date ending up with the two of you retiring to her bedroom for some hot action beneath the sheets.
  10.  Once you finalize a date with your cougar, do not keep calling her over the phone. This signifies immaturity and insecurity, both of which a cougar does not like at all. If she has told you that she will be there at 6 pm, you can expect her to be there. There is no need for you reminding her time and again. Desperateness is one thing they abhor.

The above tips for dating a cougar will stand you in good stead when you start a relationship with the best foot forward. These cardinal rules will help to shape your personality for the better as well.

How to write a successful dating Ad for cougars?

If you are looking to find your perfect date then it is important that you are able to connect right from the beginning. Just hoping that you would end up finding the perfect partner you have always have been looking for just by chance, may not be enough.  Often it takes conscious effort to make what you want and advertising for the partner you are looking for may be a great way of finding out your date. You however even if you advertise, and spend some good amount of money on the same, by itself may not ensure success. Your advertisement content for dating must be good enough to grab the attention of your target audience and something which must ensure successful cougar dating. This is why you need to take some quality time to frame your advertisement. The following are some important tips you could use in this regard.

cougars dating

Know your ad objective

As an advertiser looking cougar dating in the UK, or elsewhere make sure that you know your objective of creating your advertisement. You should know what you want to achieve through your advertisement. It must be an attention grabber for your target audience. This is what would immediately grab attention and make cougars respond to your advertisement. For example, seeing the ad, the Cougars must make the phone call or get in touch with other modes of communication. Remember this is the first basic idea for the advertisement.

Know your target audience

For your ad to be effective you must be able to connect with your target audience. So if you looking for cougar dating in London know what cougars in London want. Try and find out what exactly they are looking out for in terms of dating. Thereafter highlight how you could help them to fulfill their innermost dream. Make yourself more relatable to them. This is what would make them respond to your advertisement.

Put in a bit about yourself

The Advertisement message, in short, must have some basic information about you. However, at the same time make sure that it is not too long. With the numerous engagements that people have now have little time to read whole essays. Mention a few brief points about you which are enough to grab attention. The information must have enough information to create some curiosity. This is what can really make a difference of creating an effective advertisement.

Make sure to make all the spellings and grammar right 

One important thing to follow while advertising for cougar dating much like any other type of advertising is that you must make sure to have the basics of the ad message right. These include things like the spellings and grammar.  Silly mistakes in terms of spellings and grammar can be annoying and spoil your ad. Remember that the ad message would be read and followed by mature and experiences women. So they might be put off seeing such silly mistakes and might never respond to your advertisement. This is why you need to take a serious approach to make the most of your ads.

Tell briefly what you are looking for

With so many people now getting engaged in Cougar dating, this is no longer a taboo. SO be specific about what you want. Exactly mention what you are looking to achieve. This is what would prevent any confusion and make people respond. Besides, it would help you and your target audiences save a whole lot of time. Be specific to get better results for your cougar dating ads.

cougar with young man on bed

Always have a ”Call To Action”

As mentioned earlier you must be sure about what you want to achieve with your dating advertisement. It is in line with this that once you have been able to grab the attention of your target audience and also to have created sufficient amount of interest you must make them do what you want them to do. This is why your dating ad must have a “Call To Action”. This means that it must specify the target audience to do what is wanted i.e may be mentioned a Contact Number or WhatsApp No. where people can get in touch. It could also be visiting a Facebook Page or a User Profile on a particular online dating website. This is how you can have the desired results for your dating advertisement.

Try to be honest in your approach

No matter how short-term any relationship, but honesty and trust are the keys to it. So make sure that you are fully honest right from the start. The beginning happens with your dating ad if that is how you are planning to get started to connect with the cougars you want to date with. Therefore you must be honest in your approach.

Things older women don’t like from online dating

If you are in a relationship with an older woman, congratulations for making it this far. When you are into older women dating, whether it is through an older woman dating app, older women dating online or mature older women that you have chosen, there exist some don’ts that should be followed in order for the relationship to be a steady one. If you know these golden rules then you will be on the same page with her.

a mature woman

  • If you tell the woman that you are not in town, a natural response from her is an assumption that you are with another woman, busy dating them. And by the time you get back to her, she might have lost interest in you and turned to someone else. The online world is a huge one, and there are lots of curious young men out there.  In case you really need to go away, then you should at least wait before getting back in touch with her. You can follow a rule of thumb which says that in case you are not available at the end of seven days after sending the message, do not send the message.
  • If you are meeting an older woman for the first time, do not describe your physical characteristics in the introductory message. Even if you are the handsome hunk that she wants, lay off describing your body parts or physical appearance right at the beginning. It is something that women abhor and you should respect that.
  • Do not have a profile where you say that you have tried online dating but are not sure if it is the thing for you. This statement reeks of uncertainty and women do not like it at all. They want confident men to date online and you should project yourself as such. If you really are inclined to explain your position, then you should wait until the two of you meet over a cup of coffee or something.
  • Do not use pathetic pickup lines that look straight out of a television show. Remember that you are dating a mature and experienced woman who has had her full of this shit before. Be straight and to the point. This helps in keeping the conversation objective, to the point and most importantly, might take a bit of time for you to get used to this type of conversation, but the practice is worth it.
  • Older women do not like possessive suitors. Do not go about asking her all the time about where she went, whom she met and what she did. If she feels talking to you about it, then she will in due time. Respect her boundaries of private space and things will work out better for you.This again is showing restraint on your part, which is an admirable quality to have.Think before you write, and choose your words carefully. It will have the desired impact.

dating older woman

  • Sometimes it, unfortunately, turns out that you are not compatible with the older woman you seek.Do not take it hard and continue to pester or stalk her online.It is a far better option for you if you accept the break up gracefully and move onto seeking someone else. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and all you need is to change tack and cast your fishing line again with better bait.
  • Suppose you meet an older woman online for the first time. She would like you to ask her out because there’s a specific purpose to it. Do not hang back for days and days in trying to decide whether you should ask her out or not. The ideal time to ask her out is after the two of you have exchanged pleasantries and also after five messages back and forth. In most cases, this has turned out to be a successful strategy and you would want to go with what has been tried and tested. There will be exceptions as in every other situation, but generally speaking, do not hang back for too long or she might lose interest in you and move onto someone else.
  • Do not send generic messages that most other young men use. Older women do not fall for it and will think that you are like the rest of them. Instead, take the time to study her profile in order to really get to know her, and send messages that relate to it. Your woman will appreciate the effort you have taken and you will be rewarded with intimacy.

These tips have come in useful for me over the course of time I was dating older women and I’m sure that with a little practice along with a pinch of common sense, things will turn out to be fine.

Dating Older Women in Canada is the Same as in USA

Are looking for a mature Canadian woman for yourself but are not sure how the dating scene might be? Well, being dateable for an older woman does not have to be rocket science, especially when you are in Canada, who’s dating culture is similar to USA.

mature woman

Similarities of Dating Older Women in Canada & USA

Contrary to what people assume there are many similarities seen in mature dating styles of the two and here are a few of them:

1. Seasonal Daters

When it comes to dating older women, both USA and Canada comprises of seasonal daters. The peak months are regarded to be October to May, where winter acts a bonus to keep those rising bills down and let you cuddle closer. That doesn’t mean that another phase of the year isn’t as glorious, just you have to try your part by searching for the women of your dreams. 

2. Online Dating Sites

Yes, be it USA or Canada, people rely extensively on dating sites to find their partner. Their convenience, ubiquity and straightforward approach win the race. You are up for one night stand, share the same and interested hot cougars would love to be with you, or when hunting for a sexy momma who remains with you for a while then explain the same and those seeking for younger men would love to be with you. The ease of online dating older women sites makes them equally famous at both the sides.

3. Dress Practically

Practical dressing style is a major hit in mature dating. When you show up wearing sophisticated and dynamic outfits then you are able to cast the right impression in the mind of your partners, something that she is not going for to forget in a while. Hence, dress up your best for your first mature date in Canada and make those memories lasting for her. She will admire the way you represent yourself and you will love her constant attention.

4. Relaxed and Humorous

Older women never really panic when things take an outrageous turn- sounds unbelievable right? But, yes after seeing so much in their life they realize that inconveniences do occur and for such things they never lose their cool. Every minute that you spend with them, either online or for real you will find that they are relaxed and pop up an amazing sense of humor that keeps you comfortable as well. Doesn’t that seem just the same as dating older women in USA?

older woman

5. Get Turned On By Weird Stuff

Is that the smell of cheesecake? Oh my, you love bungee jumping from such tall mountains? You never know what turns on a sexy mature woman. There are times while talking to her, she might get all into you! If this sounds similar, then trust us you will be blown by the same circumstances when on a date in Canada too. That sweet talking create the same magic here too.

6. Good Listeners

They keep their clam, dress well, have their charm and now they are exceptional listeners too, things can’t get any better than this! While dating older women in Canada you will realize that you are there at every moment of the date. What she manages to get is your undivided attention through her maturity and experience. This never happens when you date younger women who are way too engrossed in their miseries that they forget the real meaning of this relationship.

7. Successful

This needs no explanation, women in the USA or Canada, when you think about hot mature singles then their first trait that comes to mind is a successful career. They are dating younger lads only because they have achieved a lot in their life, earn well and have time that can be spent on fun and adventure. Hence, with mature dating, you basically get an experienced woman who respects your space and knows how to be loved.

Date Potential Mature Singles in Canada Online

Now that you are aware of the similarities of dating older women in USA and Canada then why hesitate anymore? Select the mature dating platform that is meant for Canadians and then starts dating sexy matches near you. Here location will be the only difference, everything else will be just the same! That is what makes mature dating hit the world.

Moreover, if you have dated older women in the USA before then the previous experiences can help you in your present search too. The components of a relationship, how things moved and the needs of mature women, everything remains the same and you get to explore this companionship once again from fresh with the singles of Canada. Let’s get to work, as the simplicity of this dating has improved competition too, where you have to make your make your mark to stand apart.

10 Pick-Up Lines For You To Hookup With Beautiful Cougars in Atlanta

Atlanta, the city of heritage, culture and scenic beauty has evolved to be one fine destination for cougars. From the happening clubs, classy restaurants to gyms and more; you can find them almost everywhere. And with the right method who knows you might win her heart in your very first move. And the first move towards beautiful cougars is best made with pick-up lines. Here are the top 10 that should be part of your list.

Atlanta cougar dating

1. You look familiar. Have we met before?

A smooth way to start an introduction is to come up with a dumb play. Go to her and just say that “you appear familiar, have we met earlier?”. The answer obviously would be a no but then take the opportunity and continue with your introduction. In the end, you will always get her name right. 

2. I just can’t stop looking at you

The staring game is not such a good thing for Atlanta cougar dating. Instead of making them uncomfortable, go and confidently say that you are unable to look anywhere else and if she admires this gesture then your work is done. The aim of this line is to let her know how hot she is and you can’t stop thinking about her.

3. I’ve lost my way. Can you help?

Found someone walking along the streets? Go ahead and by holding a map ask her “I’ve lost my way can you help?” She would reply with a “yes” after which you can say “I’m looking for the way to your heart can’t find it on the map”. This brings out the humorous you that would enlighten a spark of love in her.

4. I’m conducting a survey on how you can come on a date with me

When too confused about how to talk to mature and old women in front of you, just take a deep breath and tell: “I’m working on a survey on how experienced and talented women can come on a date with me”. If she smiles, you’ve just unlocked yourself a sexy Atlanta cougar dating

5. They might ask you to leave, as you are making other women look bad

Many pubs of Atlanta receive cougars and if you happen to visit one of them then start looking for hot cougars and when you discover one walk right to her and ask whether if you can buy her a drink. If it’s an affirmative then take it to the next level by saying: “they might just ask you to leave, you are making other women around look bad!”

6. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, what do you do?

Compliments, women can’t get enough of them. So why not experiment with this? In the same scenario, when you have offered a drink to the Atlanta cougars the next line that you can say is: “besides being drop dead gorgeous, what do you apparently do?” She is clever to know the signs and if interested would make her move too.

Atlanta cougar dating

7. Your beauty made me forget what I had to say!

It’s not always you who has to approach beautiful cougars, chances are mature women might come to you too. In such situations, you can leave a lasting impression by conveying how amazing she looks by the line: “your beauty made me forget what I had to say”.   

8. You have a great choice of drinks. Should I have the same?

Cougars are established individual who has a taste for drinks. When you find them choosing their best options then politely ask them what particular drink are they planning to indulge into and whether you should order the same for you as well. Soon one conversation will lead to another and before you know it she will be yours. 

9. The truth or dare

Brave yet an impactful pick-up line is the classic truth and dare. When you have your eye on the cougar and your eyes meet then make an immediate move and get to her to ask truth or dare. If she answers a dare then say “would you like to come on a date with me”. It’s great and often leads to fun and never-ending conversations. The good thing about this line is you can be as creative as you want and choose the ones that best define your personality.

10. Your eyes are amazing, you must never close them, not even at night!

When the cougar oozes with hotness then why leave the opportunity? Make a bold move and tell her how incredible she looks. You can frame it in lines such as: “Your graceful eyes are amazing, you must never close them, not even at night” or “soon I’m going to catch you”. Remember: these lines reflect intense emotions and should be used for Atlanta cougars only when she shows signs of interest. 

The things cougar want cub to know in UK

cougar dating cub

Young men while dating Cougars or older women make some similar kind of mistakes again and again which are preventable to quite an extent by just following just a few tips and tricks. Cougar dating in UK is a common affair to be seen and there are certain things that Cougars want cubs to be well aware of. Cub dating Cougar in UK can follow the below-written guide to feel confident of knowing all that the Cougars want them to. Often while connecting via some UK Cougar dating app the cubs tend to meet Cougars who they feel intimidated by, but there is no requirement to feel intimidated as the following guide will help you know all that Cougars want you to know.

No Fetishing the Cougars, No Babies Required – Cougars seek mature dating

The Cougars are not looking for a child while they are browsing on the Cougar dating apps. These kinds of relationships are not the ones where you can have issues revolving all around. Cougars instead look for a blend of young, energetic, lively as well as mature men to date such that no hassles are ever faced. Young individuals with a spontaneous spark surely meet the demands of the Cougars. They certainly do not want a younger man to babysit as well as spoil with pampering. It should not be a necessity that the Cubs look for a baby keeper Cougar. Cougars are not the part of a relationship that always looks out to just pay for the Cubs they tend to keep along. In case you openly announce or reveal via your actions that you require just sexual commitments can tend to be a major turn off for most of the Cougars to the core. So be extra cautious while dealing with a Cougar as these are way different from your other regular dates.

Cougars Know That You Do Not Know Everything – And you need to know this

It’s okay to not know all about everything and it’s even better to accept the fact. The sooner, the better! All the understanding about the tough spheres of life comes with time, experience and most importantly age. Hence, trying to act in a way that you understand and know everything can make the Cougar less fond of you. Your mistakes can lead you away from your Cougar date. Instead of trying to be over-smart you can instead be confident while accepting the fact that you do not know regarding a certain topic. This kind of activity can be highly a turn off for the Cougars.

Dating a Cougar, on the other hand, gives you a golden opportunity to learn from a woman much more experienced in all the spheres of life. She is expected to possess knowledge regarding topics that you might not know much about. Hence, being a gentleman you must genuinely admit about not knowing certain stuff. Hence, do not pretend at any cost!

No Requirement to Be the White Knight

While dating young women all the men tend to become the Knights often changing themselves to the ‘save’ and ‘protect’ mode for their women. Cougars do not need this kind of an attitude. While dating a Cougar you need to know that she has her life quite figured out and sorted in all ways and there is no requirement for a saviour. Her matters are hers and her decisions are also solely hers. If ever she requires your input she will willingly come asking for it. That is the time that your suggestion will also be respected or else it will just be marked as interference. So you must be patient enough and give her own space.

Also, while dating a Cougar you must know that she is all strong and independent to lead her own issues and battles. But this also does not mean that you must just keep mum while staying in her company. You must know exactly what to speak, when to speak and most important of all, how much to speak. So, do speak your mind but keep it superficial. Do not impose of emphasising on any of your opinions. Give her the freedom to make her decisions and be sincere and careful enough to let her know, by your tiny advice that you care and are concerned.

Being just as simple and as normal as you are can help you in a million ways. No pretentions ever help anyone around and this key of simplicity can be your answer to so many questions. And we are always here to render the much-required tips and tricks to enhance your simplicity and skills which in turn will end up giving you a mesmerising Cougar dating days and nights. Happy Dating!

What Kind of Cougars that Men Can’t Resist?

single cougar with sexy body

When it comes to dating, there are a bunch of different types of men.  Cougars dating even has a variety of different types of women.  Out of those there are kinds of cougars that men can’t resist.  Today we are going to talk about what kinds of cougars men can’t resist when using a cougar dating free app.

The Rich Cougar

Most men can’t help it, they love the cougar who has money.  This is the kind of cougar that typically can have any man that they want.  They aren’t paying for sex.  Instead, they are paying for the ability to have a fun relationship that makes them feel younger. 

A cougar who provides money or gifts in exchange for a relationship is typically called a sugar momma.  Sugar mommas either come from wealth or have a really high paying job.

The Hot Cougar

There are the cougars who just have a nice body that men idolise.  Some might say that the hot cougar is the most common type of cougar that men can’t resist.  This is because their body looks like someone who is half their age or less.  They don’t do anything special to flaunt their body though.  The hot cougar, is just hot.

Who doesn’t like a little bit of natural beauty?  All a hot cougar is about is natural appearance.

The Sexy Cougar

Now you might be thinking that a sexy cougar and a hot cougar are the same but they aren’t.  While the hot cougar has natural beauty, the sexy cougar puts effort into being the attractive cougar.  Typically, a sexy cougar will wear extra makeup, skimpy clothes, use Botox, or go to other measures to make themselves attractive.  All of this does not mean that the cougar isn’t naturally attractive, they act and attempt to appear more provocative.

Men feel as if they have found the perfect trifecta when they find the sexy cougar.  It is an older woman who can teach them in bed, someone they can be proud they were able to swing over, and someone who they find attractive.

The Smart Cougar

While there are a lot of men who won’t admit it, they love a woman who is smart and powerful.  This type of cougar may or may not be physically attractive but when a men meet cougars who are smart and powerful they become like butter.  Very few men dislike the idea of power play in their relationship with cougars because it feels as if they are with one of their peers.

A smart woman isn’t just attractive if she is a cougar.  Most men will go for a smart woman of any age.  The cougar part is just a benefit.

Those Who Love Their Age

By far the most attractive cougar that men enjoy is the woman who embraces their age.  They know that they are older, they know they have an older appearance, but despite both of those facts, they accept this and believe that they are more beautiful because of their age.  Because these women believe that they are beautiful, so do the men. A good amount of true beauty comes from believing that one is beautiful not from others believing it.

A woman that knows their age and accepts it has a lot to offer.  Even if a guy doesn’t realise what the cause of the attraction is, he will be most attracted to this kind of cougar.

Mixing of Cougars

This list is not meant to be all inclusive.  There are other types of cougars out there but it is also important to note that not all cougars are just one type.  Cougars can be mixed and matched between the different entries on this list just like any other woman.  No one personality is exactly the same so it is hard to put a label on them.

Do one or more of these cougar types attract you?  Then you should consider cougar dating apps for free to help you find the cougars dating experience that is right for you.  No matter what you are bound to have a good time with any cougar that you meet.

Top Ten Cougar Pick-Up Lines

Cougar dating can be quite interesting, especially when you know when to strike the right chord. But when you are new to this game of love and want to make the most of it then creative, humorous and clever pick-up lines can always come for the rescue.

cougar dating cub in a bar

Without any further ado let’s reveal what the top 10 cougar pick-up lines are and how you them to win their hearts.

1. Let me buy you a drink

This is one of the simplest and perhaps the best pick-up line used for cougars. It showcases your genuine side and hence is a best start to the relationship. Remember, when you use this line don’t sound too threatening rather stay polite, take no as an answer (if at all the answer is no) and never ever be too cheesy. 

2. I’ve seen you somewhere?

You can never go wrong with this pick-up line on your first date. Make your move towards her, and when your eyes contact then ask “Have we met before?” or “I think I’ve seen you somewhere”. The idea is to pretend so that you can grab here attention and make her feel that you had been thinking about her for long time.

3. The dumb play

The dumb play lines bring out a silly smile and let them explore the humorous you. Few examples of such lines include: You carry a map, approach them and ask: “I think I’ve lost my way, can you help me how to get to your heart?”. Hold the map in a nerdy way as this will make the laugh the most.

Say “I’ve been to this spectacular Irish pub you see, with the best food and it is known as McDonalds, we must meet there someday!

4. Were you thinking about me?

When you are unable to control the flirtatious funny spark within you then just look into their eyes and ask them “Were you thinking about me?” or “There is something too special about your eyes, I think we’ve got a connect”. Those appraisals will definitely keep her thinking about you, and if she does you stand corrected.   

5. I think I’ve misplaced my phone can you call me?

If you are on a date and are not sure whether you should ask her number or not, then a crazy pick-up line is just pretend that you are not able to find your phone and then seek for help, : “I think I’ve misplaced my phone can you call me?” The moment she calls, mission accomplished!

6. You look like that famous celebrity!

Cougars who have a fit body and flawless skin love to appreciated. But, instead of telling it to them directly, you can just say “Wow, you are so fit, you just look like that famous celebrity”.

7. Do you love photography, I think you can picture us together

This particular line hits the cheesy notes and is best when you are on a date. Say, if you are interested in being with the women but there are no signs of approval yet then go up for it with this one and witness the difference it can create in her reaction.

8. Yes, I can do it

This is another humorous line to look out for. For this, go to her and tell Yes, I can do it. As an immediate response she would reply, What? say, “I can go out for lunch with you tomorrow”. She might laugh out at once but this fine move can leave a lingering impression in her mind.

9. Are you looking for something?

When walking down the street along with your cougar simply wait for a moment and ask “Are you looking for something?”, if she responds as what then smile and say “My heart”! 

10. I think you are hotter than this cup of coffee

The last one is an intensified one which works best when you are already in an relationship with the cougar. Let’s say if she is upset about a particular thing and is having coffee along with you then you can have clever take with the line “I think you are hotter than this cup of coffee”.

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What is Naughty dating? Is it the same as Cougar Dating?

To see if naughty dating is similar to cougar dating, we have to take a look at the meaning of the word “naughty”. It is described in most dictionaries and thesauruses as many things; headstrong, mischievous, rowdy and playful. Way back, in the 1600’s, a woman of questionable character or overt sexuality was called “a naughty woman or pack”. Times since then have changed considerably and we are in the 21st century now, with uninhibited freedom to explore and discover our sexuality, as well as to experiment with new partners; something which was frowned upon earlier.

So what exactly is Naughty Dating?

Naughty dating is a potpourri of many things together. It requires you to be free and without inhibitions to approach a woman/man and strike up a conversation that is laced with suggestiveness. It may happen on the subway, a restaurant, the workplace, between friends, on a smartphone app and many other situations, it all depends on how far you are willing to take it and how the response to your advances is. If you play your cards right and spruce yourself up a bit, it heightens your chances of landing a partner for the night, because that what naughty dating is all about. Not many people have the courage to strike up a conversation laced with sexual overtones in person, so naughty dating apps are filling in the void at the moment.

naughty dating online

In naughty dating, there are literally no strings attached; strike up a conversation, show some cleavage with a few suggestive teasers, and you’ll have the stud you’ve been eyeing for some time snuggling up to you in no time. Naughty dating is quite different from cougar dating. It requires you to be more open and flirtatious, titillating and sensual, while not crossing the fine line of vulgarity. Cougar dating in comparison to naughty Dating is quite staid, where generally a rich woman or man who is older than you will take you under their wing and lavish you with presents and cash in in return for sexual favours or companionship. This happens under the cover of a smartphone app usually, and the sugar babies can upload their pictures and profiles to prospective sugar moms and daddies who scan through them and choose the one of their liking, much like a marketplace. Many a student has financed his or her higher education by being a sugar baby and well, it “pays”.

Types of Cougar Women

There are all kinds of cougars out there; starting from the bored lonely housewife who has nothing to do all day but fantasize as her youth fades while the husband is chairing the board meeting. Then you’ll find naughty cougar women who are MILF’s and they won’t hang back while asking you to buy them a drink. There are a plethora of naughty dating online activities available and if you’re feeling adventurous try using a naughty dating specific app which spells out your needs quite clearly; sex for the night.

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