How to make your dating profile attractive to cougars?

In these days of free cougar dating and cougar apps, the whole wide world is at your fingertips. Logging into a cougar dating app can enable cougar dating free and give you access to many cougar dating profiles. Here is how you can make your profile more attractive to cougars.

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  1. Starting with the basics, you need to choose a popular cougar dating app that enjoys a substantial presence in the age group of women you are targeting. You should know that algorithms do all the hard work of providing you with a suitable match and your profile should be friendly to work with, electronically speaking. You should be articulate as well as concise when you sign up on a dating site. The username is the first thing that you have to choose, and go with an interesting one, avoid creepy usernames at all costs.
  2. You will be asked a lot of questions about yourself including your age and your preferences. We suggest that you do not lie in any of these questions because that would undermine your efforts to snag a hot cougar. Older women see through lies faster than a blink of an eye and it is just not worthwhile. For all the trouble that you took, it would be better to shell out some dollars for a quickie in a motel with a streetwalker.
  3. The most important constituent of your online profile is your photo. You have to upload photos of yourself that are both interesting and natural at the same time. With the trigger-happy generation doing the rounds these days, this particular segment is getting more challenging as the days go by. Once again, veer away from exposing too much skin or posing in your gym trunks. Your body is what these women are after, but not in so direct a manner. Instead, a nice and candid shot of yourself doing something that you enjoy doing is a far better option.
  4. There will be a section where you have to write something about yourself. Keeping in mind that attention spans are really small these days, you need to pack in a punch is as few words as possible. Impeccable spelling and grammar are called for in this section. In addition to this, no one wants to hear about your lousy desk job, least of all a cougar who wants to have fun with a younger man who shares her interests. Make your profile description a fun and entertaining read, peppering it with some interesting tidbits about you that will arouse curiosity in the older feline.
  5. Even the very best of cougar dating sites are full of boring guys who claim that they are funny and off the beaten path. You should keep in mind that cougars know the real deal when they say it, and small talk is not going to help you. Back up your words with pictures if possible. That will surely stoke the fires of interest.
  6. Actions always speak louder than words on an online matchmaking site like a cougar dating app. You could narrate a short but interesting story about something that you did which would make older women want to reach out to you with a ping. Additionally, it helps a lot if you have a sense of humor that you display at every given opportunity. Women love a companion who is genuinely funny and if you fall in that bracket, half the hard work is already done. Confidence is another key asset and this will be shown in the way you fill out your profile; you have to make the most impact without appearing to try too hard. Temperance is the key, and you will learn it while you play this game of cat and mouse.

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