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I found love on the site!  (Dating)
racytay1020 , Kingwood, United States, Aug 06, 2012

My boyfriend and I talked on the phone two weeks prior to meeting and we had emailed back and forth several times on the site for over a week prior to meeting. We initially planned a phone call but because he had plans with family that ran late we had to put the phone call off, which I thought was fishy. But he called when he said he would the next time. He is very busy with his work, which is not unusual for his level. The conversation went well, I could tell he wanted to get to the elimination round. 

I truly didn’t care if I was in or out and was ready to stop dating for a while at this point anyway, I had not had any prior dates from Olderwomendating. I told him everything he wanted to know, including why my first marriage ended after 15 years, which is that my husband had decided to become a woman, that is enough to scare some men off right there. He wanted to know if I was ready for a serious relationship. That is precisely why I was dating, which I told him. Our conversa…

I met her on your site  (Engaged)
ace8625 , canberra, Australia, Aug 07, 2012
Hi, well actually I had nearly 400 views and nearly 50-60 in my favourites and I know many had put me in their favourites also, but the one person who stood out the most is the one and only person I actually meet the other day after 1 month of chatting everyday on messenger and email and texts. I think the important thing is to give the other person something to look forward to each day by receiving either an email, text or something that makes that person feel excited. By doing that it draws in that person closer and they begin to feel a certain amount of trust. Trust is important, more so for women, as there are a lot of guys out there who just want to get one thing, and I know how it much feel for women having to filter through the players and the real men! I’ve actually used a similar site 2 years ago with my last partner and although we are only just no together, we did have a child who is 1 year and we do still talk as we need to do so for our child, but we have kind of moved on …
It’s Her  (Dating)
nycboy , Tampa, FL, United States, Jul 19, 2015
Met in Tampa. We clicked on the first date. We don’t pay attention to the age difference. Just focus on building our relationship. We have so much in common. I’d like to see where this goes.


 07-Sep-2016, 09:42AM   Female , 47

Located in: Irvine, CA, United States

the first person i corresponded with i am dating but it is just a dating relationship due to age difference; I am also dating from other sites, as he is in Hollywood and I am in Orange County (over one hour drive). However, I like him and there is no one else on the site that I have met in person; only exchanged pics, with which is unsatisfying to me (more satisfying to males obviously). I want to date people in my area and so many here are far away.