Top tips for cougar dating younger men in 2016

cougar dating younger men

Cougars or older women adore young men for various reasons. To begin with, young men are full of life and enthusiasm and cougar women always like being with such men who are brimming with confidence and energy.  Apart from this, young men are passionate about their careers and know what they really want from it. On the other hand, young men fall for cougar women simply because they are far more matured and experienced when compared to the young girls they meet and interact with on a daily basis. Hence, if you are a young man who’s looking to date a cougar then take a look at some of the tips for dating in 2016.

  1. Know How to Attract: Older woman like men who are bold, outgoing and are willing to make the first move. Thus, if you show them that you are really interested in them then they’ll definitely get attracted to you. When it comes to cougar dating, younger men should focus on complementing their cougar partners for their looks, attire and everywhere they feel she deserves to be appreciated. Women, no matter what their age, are always hungry for appreciation and acknowledgement and if you complement them frequently, then they are bound to fall for you.
  2. Don’t Pay Heed to the Age Difference: Cougar dating younger men relationships would work only when the men aren’t paying attention towards age difference. No matter what you do, make sure she never feels old with you. Both of you were aware of this age difference right from the beginning and thus by bringing the topic into discussion every now and then, you’ll only ruin things. Thus, always make her feel special and important and do not concentrate on the age difference ever.
  3. Act in A Matured Way: Older women like it when young men act and behave in a matured way. In fact, many of them appreciate it when the person they’re dating holds intelligent discussions and conversations.
  4. Respect is Important: As far as cougar dating in 2016 is concerned, young men must focus on one thing and i.e. respecting their cougar partners. Cougar women are appreciative of men who respect them as a woman and pay heed to their feelings. Thus, focusing on simple things like holding the door to let your cougar partner walk past it or helping them with their small jobs, will only aid you in gaining their respect.
  5. Her Friends are Important Too: When it comes to cougar dating, men must also understand that cougar women have a set of friends and family members and they need to be respected too. Thus, if you really want your cougar partner to like and love you then make sure you respect her friends and family members.

To conclude, if you are young and passionate man who wants to enjoy cougar dating in 2016 then make a genuine effort to grab their attention and keep them happy as well as satisfied in all situations.

# 7 Seeking Cougar Review

seeking cougar

3stars Chance of Getting a Date
4stars Protect privacy
2stars Features
3stars Customer service
2stars Value for money

click here to visit website is a new age website that specializes in connecting cougars and cubs. The website can be said to be one of the oldest in the older women – younger men dating category and boasts of a staggering subscriber base of over 5 million users worldwide, making it one of the largest communities that cater to the needs of young men and older women who are looking to have some fun and spice up their lives.

Pricing is one of the best dating sites in this segment of online dating. In spite of this, premium membership of this site wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, thanks to the affordable gold membership options. As a matter of fact, subscription plans are so reasonably priced for what the site has to offer, that we couldn’t believe it for a moment. Basic or standard membership of this site is absolutely free of charge. However, those seeking an upgrade in order to access the complete set of options are required to shell out some cash. The details are stated below:

  •  $29.95 for 1 month subscription.
  • $59.95 for 3 month subscription.
  • $95.95 for 6 month subscription.

The website also offers a host of payment options. Therefore, you’d be able to pay using credit card, PayPal account, check card or via money order. The payment gateways are extremely secure, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your data being shared or stolen.


 When it comes to features, this site is not very different from some of its competitors. You’re presented with a similar set of options that have been customized according to the needs of older women and younger men. Every aspect of the site, starting from the UI to the blogs has been tailored keeping the diverse needs of its target audience. Here are a few striking features that are available on this site.

  •  Create a lifetime profile absolutely free of cost.
  • Charge – free registration that allows users to create a profile, find a match and add pictures as well.
  • Check out recommended members based on information provided on your profile.
  • Standard members are allowed to send winks and flirts, besides being able to reply to emails they’ve received from premium users.
  • Explore the built – in blogs and forum sections to learn about how people have been able to find a match online. This would also give you the opportunity to put forward a view point and appeal to a larger subscriber base.
  • Verify your credentials on the site and show others that your profile is genuine.
  • Read safety tips that have been shared by other experienced users or dating experts.
  • Search for a companion based on personal preferences using quick and advanced search options.
  • Gold members would also be able to use the built – in mailbox in order to initiate private messaging and chatting in real time.
  • Feature at the top of search listings, highlight the profile and receive more hits than other standard users.
  • Prevent users from finding you on the website or block them from connecting with you.
  • Check out featured members on the site.
  • Around the clock email support to help users make the most of the website.

Performing a search

 Searching for a match on this site is a cake walk. Although basic membership wouldn’t give them the opportunity to take advantage of the wide array of search filters, they’d still be able to find a match based on sex, location and age. If you’re looking for more precise search listings, opting for the advanced search feature is recommended. This will give you the ability to find a match based on the following parameters:

  •  Annual income
  • Distance from your location
  • Keywords
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • Kind of relationship you wish to get into
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Education
  • Religion also allows users to search for a match based on user name. While this might not fetch great results, it isn’t a bad option to have on the website.

Verdict has the best of both worlds – a staggering subscriber base of over 5 million users from different parts of the world and hailing from all walks of life. The website looks stunning and very different from some of the other websites in this segment of online dating. The website appears to be very expensive in the first instance. However, as you explore the subscription options, you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover that premium membership of this site would cost less than a dollar per day. There are special discount offers for those looking to opt for a 3 month or 6 month package.

Search options are handy and wouldn’t take long to get accustomed to. On the other hand, the communication options are easy to use and accessible from various pages thereby encouraging users to take a leap forward. The blog section is particularly helpful when you’re looking to share a certain experience with a larger audience without having to make a great deal of effort. On the other hand, there are the forums where users can interact with each other and clarify queries in order to follow the right approach to dating.

Although standard membership of this site isn’t bad, comparing it with the benefits offered to premium users would be unfair. If you’re seriously looking for a match at a shoestring budget, we suggest you opt for the top of the line 6 month subscription plan priced at $95.95. All in all, is a decent and reasonably priced dating site that cougars and younger men should certainly consider joining.

click here to visit website

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# 5 Date a Cougar Review

date a cougar review

4stars Chance of Getting a Date
2stars Protect privacy
2stars Features
3stars Customer service
4stars Value for money

click here to visit website is one of the leading dating services in the cougar dating segment that have been around for quite some time now. The website sports an easy to navigate user interface and a decent set of features that have been tailored to suit the various needs of younger men and cougars. The website is certainly not the best designed platforms in the cougar dating segment but that has absolutely no impact on its usability or effectiveness. While it cannot match up to the standard set by segment leader, is proves to be a good alternative, costing slightly lesser than its competitors.


 Date a Cougar is absolutely free to join. The process of registration isn’t very different from other websites. On the other hand, this is one of the very few websites that offer a premium membership trial. The details of subscription plans are stated below:

  • $7.95 for a 3 day premium trial, which gives access to all the features available.
  • $29.95 for a month of premium membership.
  • $39.95 for a 3 month subscription plan.
  • You’d also have the option of opting for the 3 day trial of at just $1, which would give you access to some exclusive adult content.

Payment options on the site are pretty limited as users would be able to pay only using a credit card. There is no provision to pay using a check card, PayPal or Money order like does.

Characteristic Features has some amazing features that can help you find a cougar or cub with great ease. Thanks to the healthy subscriber base of this site, you wouldn’t have great difficulty in meeting like – minded people, regardless of which part of the world you’re from. Although the feature set isn’t comparable with the likes of in any way, it still offers a decent bang for the buck, should you choose to upgrade.

  • One of the largest communities with a large membership base of both cougars and younger men.
  • Large membership base of over 1 million users, striking a balance between the number of young men and cougars.
  • Register without paying a penny and add pictures and other information that would help others maintain a personal rapport.
  • Audio / visual chat rooms that give users the option of interacting with like – minded people via video chat or voice messages.
  • The email client allows users to send private messages with ease. However, this feature is limited to premium users.
  • Users who upgrade their membership would also be able to send and receive instant messages.
  • Rapid Match option generates a list of people whom you might be interested in, depending on the information furnished in the profile.
  • Participate in discussions help on the member forums and know about the recent trends in the field of online cougar dating. Adapt yourself to these trends and get an edge over other users seeking a like – minded companion.
  • Search for a companion based on over 31 different parameters. People residing in the United States would also be able to search based on state.
  • Access to FAQ pages and 24/7 customer support that is accessible by email or call, provided you’re a premium user.

Performing a Search

 Although the number of search parameters happens to be at par with some of the superior websites including, the fact that this site fails to show precise results is a huge let down and we were left asking for something better from this site. Quick search allows users to find a match based on sex, age, location and availability of a photo. On the other hand, the advanced search feature has more options but the efficiency in discarding the undesired ones is low.

  •  Language
  • Body type
  • Eyes
  • Marital status
  • Interest in pets
  • Job specialty
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Willingness to relocate to another location
  • Social behavior
  • Friends describe me as
  • Sense of humor
  • Choice of movies, TV shows.
  • Sort results based on: recently online, distance, newest on the site, number of photos
  • User name

The implementation of a better algorithm would certainly make a huge different to the overall search feature on this site.

Verdict is certainly not the prettiest websites on the market in the cougar dating segment. The home page is loaded with images of users and there is very little information about what the site has in store for you. The process of registering is simple and hassle-free. The good thing here is that profiles are rich in detail and you’d be able to get a fair deal of information about the person you’re looking to connect with.

Users would be able to initiate a conversation by either sending winks or an email message, provided they’re a premium user. Instant messaging is another way by which you’d be able to connect with like – minded people. The website boasts of a couple of other interactive options including the likes of audio / visual chat rooms that would give you an amazing stage to lure others.

When it comes to subscription options, the 3 day-trial as well as the one subscription plan happen to be very expensive. However, there is a third subscription plan valid for 3 months that offers great value for money. All in all, this website is a decent choice at a reasonable budget. The design isn’t the best but it does boast of some amazing features that have been customized to cater to the needs of its diverse audiences. If you’re joining this site, we suggest you go ahead with the 3 month plan as it would not only give you sufficient time to connect with some amazing people but also prove to be cost – effective.

click here to visit website

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