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ashley madison review

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Established in 2001, Ashley Madison is a famous online dating platform that specializes in discrete partnership. The concept of this site is based on the fact that be it married couples or monogamous partners, there are many people who aren’t happy with their relationship then why not have an affair? Within 15 years of operation, the site has managed to create an extensive network of 52.7 million users worldwide out of which a 50% increase occurred in a span of two years.

Composed of like-minded members, the site is driven by an interesting dating niche, where the anonymity of the users is protected to perfection, keeping the registration details 100% private. Want to know more about how this cougar dating site works and the different surprises that it has in store for the users? Read ahead to find out more in this in-depth review!

Signup Process

Signing up as a member of Ashley Madison is simple and only requires a valid email address and important information such as marital status, gender and the status that you are seeking for (singles or married). After this, the users have to complete a signup form and select their username and a password. Next, it comes down to physical attributes like weight, height, body type and at last, the users are asked to write a bio and upload their picture.

Upon successful registration, the dating site will provide timely notifications regarding:

  • Compatible Matches
  • Messages by Users
  • Change in service to meet your best interests

How Does it Find Potential Matches?

Members of this dating site are allowed to make several details public including photos, location, and age. In addition to that, there is a special activity space too that can be used for sharing what your interests are. These are some of the basic details that help the cougar dating site online in discovering potential matches for the user. Besides, there is an option to filter the search according to the specific requirements that you have- ensuring the match that you find is the partner that you always wanted to be with.

Ways To Communicate With Other Members

Contacting the members is as effortless as it can be. The female members gain access to text messages absolutely free, while the male members do have to pay once for initiating conversation with their matches. The catch here is: if you make an attempt to communicate with another user without the credit then the member gets immediately notified that you want to talk to them and thus they have the opportunity to decide whether they are going to respond or not. Thus, the essential points about striking a conversation in this top cougar dating site are:

  • Female members can grab the best of services for free
  • E-mail other active members of the site
  • Send personalized gifts for acquiring a competitive edge from the rest
  • Chat room for private chats and group chats

Amazing Range of Features

Ashley Madison is known for its remarkable features that make your every moment on the site worthwhile. The popular ones of the best cougar dating site are:

  • Golden Status: This is a unique feature that authenticates the profile of users. When used, your profile would appear in top 3 on the list of searches, thus improving the profile’s visibility to a dramatic extent.
  • Priority Message: You can send priority messages to the users with the help of this feature. These type of messages usually grab the attention of your matches, allowing it to stand out from the rest.
  • Travelling Man: So, if you love to travel and are up for some dating adventure then this tool is just for you. When you are in an unfamiliar area and are planning to get laid then this will let you explore the matches that are present nearby.


The pricing of this dating site for cougars is based on gender. Women can become a part of the community for free, but men must pay. You have the option of either buying credits or choosing a suitable subscription package. Through guest membership (free) men can view the profiles of users and even send winks or share photos. But, for talking with the female members you would need to buy credits.

There are three types of pricing options offered and these are:

  • The basic subscription that can be availed at $0.49 per credit or $49 per package
  • The classic subscription that can be availed at $0.30 per credit or $149 per package
  • The elite subscription that can be availed at $0.25 per credit or $249 per package

Safety and Privacy

The dating site adheres to the highest industry standard technologies and practices for superior protection. Moreover, the site does not maintain any records about the identity of the users in the servers too.

Bottom Line

In the end, Ashley Madison undoubtedly is an exceptional dating site for individuals who are seeking a secret relationship. It is powered by a huge user base, so identifying the right match to date a cougar or young cub will never be a difficult task. 

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7 Things to Look Out For Using Cougar Dating Sites Online

If you are looking for cougar dating sites, then you are aware that there are plenty of cougar dating online scams.  You will want to make sure that you are aware of what to look for in the perfect cougar dating sites so that you avoid scams.  But what do you look for?  Keep reading to find 7 things to look for when looking at cougar dating websites.

cougar dating cub

Website Verifies Cougar Dating Profiles

You want to make sure that the dating website that you chose verifies cougar dating profiles.  There are several ways that they can do this.  The least secure of which is to use email verification.  At the very least the website you choose should use email verification.  This helps to prevent bots from creating profiles on the site, bot profiles gather your information and use it to spam your information or sell your information.  A more secure verification is when the service reads each profile and inspects it for realism.  This helps to ensure each person on the site is real.

Read Online Reviews

With all of the review websites out there any legitimate cougar dating sites should have reviews on the internet.  Go through various websites and read reviews for any cougar dating sites that you might be thinking about using.  This helps to ensure that the website is legitimate and actually ends in relationships.  It also helps you gauge how many users the website has and through that, your probability of finding a match.

Read Profiles Thoroughly

It is important that you read every profile that you contact thoroughly.  This helps you in multiple ways.  First of all, it helps you to ensure that you and the person are compatible.  Second, it helps you to make sure that the person is real.  You will be able to easily notice most computer generated profiles just by reading them.  They won’t sound quite right because a computer can’t write like a human can.

Complete A Thorough Profile For Yourself

Cougar dating profiles are meant to help you make matches.  If you don’t fill out your profile thoroughly and put work into it, you take some of the quality away from the community.  By creating a quality profile you help to ensure that the community is enriched with just a little bit more information from another person.

Avoid People Who Post Contact Information

People who post their contact information on their cougar dating profile are often scammers.  They want to get your information and contact you where it isn’t filtered by the dating site.  It may not even appear as a scam at first, but typically they are.  It is also against the terms of service on most dating websites to post your contact information like that.

If They Keep Putting Off Meeting You

If you find someone’s cougar dating profile and you have been talking for a while and ask to meet the logical next step would be to meet.  If they keep putting off meeting though there might be something wrong.  A lot of people who are pretending to be someone refuse to meet.  This could mean that they are pretending to be better than they are or it could be someone trying to catfish you.  Either way, avoid these kinds of people when you find them.  If they aren’t ready to be honest with you, they aren’t ready to be in a real relationship.

Trust Your Feelings

Your brain is a magnificent machine.  It is capable of understanding things before it is able to tell you that it does.  For this reason, if you don’t feel right about a dating profile, you should move on to someone else.  A date is never worth putting your life in danger and a relationship is based on trust anyways.

Cougar dating online can initially seem a little daunting because there are so many cougar dating sites and so many cougar dating profiles that it is hard to know where to start.  Once you read these tips you begin to realise that it is easy to filter out the good from the bad and get a good start.  Good luck on your relationship hunt!