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With the boom in the information technology industry and the invention of smart devices, video calling has become very easy. Just by sitting at the comfort of your home you can have a face-to-face interaction with anyone. Capitalizing on this technological advancement CooMeet has designed a cougar dating site for the users. It has the next generation video call capability where people can connect with potential matches. Just visit the website and start the video chat with the press of a button to connect with people straight away through video calls. CooMeet is all about instant connection with people to find your potential date.

Sign up Process

CooMeet is very easy to use. You just have to turn on your camera and you will be connected with a random girl right away. You can just press next if you don’t like the person. For using paid version to enjoy the benefits of the website you will have to sign up. By entering basic information like e-mail address, name, nickname, sex, date of birth, country, region, the city of residence, etc. you can create an active account on the website.

How to Locate Potential Matches

Finding the right person to date is tricky. It is hard to verify the identity of a person when chatting online on a dating website. The website directly connects you with millions of true and genuine women that are looking to date younger men. The video chat option instantly connects you with a woman through a video call. If you wish to talk to someone else, then you just have to press the next button and move to the next profile.

Features of the Website

CooMeet is the most famous cougar dating website that has millions of men and women looking for their dates. The innovative video dating feature ensures fast connections with various users at the touch of a button. There are many features on the website that will enhance the dating experience.

  1. Anonymous and Secure Just by installing the application the user can start the video chat with other members without providing any personal information. This keeps your identity secure from fraudsters.
  2. Super Fast – The video dating feature works lightning so that you can connect with your potential match instantly. The webcam starts without any hassle to provide a seamless dating experience.
  3. High-quality video calling – The webcam uses the latest live video streaming technology and hence the image in the video is crystal clear. You can conveniently connect and talk with your potential match through video calls.

How to Communicate with Other Members

The team at CooMeet believes in direct human connection when it comes to dating, hence they have designed an innovative video calling feature by incorporating the latest technology so that users can instantly connect with potential matches. Once you click the video call button, then you are randomly connected with a girl to continue your conversation. If you would like to talk to someone else, then you just have to press the next button and proceed with your date search.


The cougar dating site, Coomeet is free to use. You just have to visit the site, tap on the video call button and connect directly with women to begin your date search by interacting with them through video calls. To use exclusive features on the website you can take paid membership for multiple durations. The premium packages available at CooMeet are:

  1. One-month membership – $9.99 with 20 minutes of free calling time.
  2. Six-month membership – $7.99 per month with 60 minutes of free calling time.
  3. One-year membership – $4.99 per month with 120 minutes of free calling time.
  4. Unlimited membership – $99.99 lifetime with 200 minutes of free calling time.

If the premium subscription is paid in another currency, then the money is converted to USD at your bank’s exchange rate. You will have to buy extra minutes of calling once your free calling time has expired. A one-minute call will cost $0.5.

Active Member

CooMeet has millions of beautiful, energetic, and confident cougar women from around the world that most men would want to date. Dating an older woman can be beneficial in many ways. These women are independent and don’t create any drama in relationships. It’s hard to find quality women for dating and this website has just the right women population that you would love to date.

Privacy Policy

Personal information is highly sensitive and has to be protected by all means. At CooMeet, the personal information filled by a user during registration is used only by the company to provide its services. No third party individual or company has access to this information. The user also has a right to change their information on the website at any time. A consent for sharing personal information is taken from the user if they are connecting to third party websites through CooMeet.

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How to write a successful dating Ad for cougars?

If you are looking to find your perfect date then it is important that you are able to connect right from the beginning. Just hoping that you would end up finding the perfect partner you have always have been looking for just by chance, may not be enough.  Often it takes conscious effort to make what you want and advertising for the partner you are looking for may be a great way of finding out your date. You however even if you advertise, and spend some good amount of money on the same, by itself may not ensure success. Your advertisement content for dating must be good enough to grab the attention of your target audience and something which must ensure successful cougar dating. This is why you need to take some quality time to frame your advertisement. The following are some important tips you could use in this regard.

cougars dating

Know your ad objective

As an advertiser looking cougar dating in the UK, or elsewhere make sure that you know your objective of creating your advertisement. You should know what you want to achieve through your advertisement. It must be an attention grabber for your target audience. This is what would immediately grab attention and make cougars respond to your advertisement. For example, seeing the ad, the Cougars must make the phone call or get in touch with other modes of communication. Remember this is the first basic idea for the advertisement.

Know your target audience

For your ad to be effective you must be able to connect with your target audience. So if you looking for cougar dating in London know what cougars in London want. Try and find out what exactly they are looking out for in terms of dating. Thereafter highlight how you could help them to fulfill their innermost dream. Make yourself more relatable to them. This is what would make them respond to your advertisement.

Put in a bit about yourself

The Advertisement message, in short, must have some basic information about you. However, at the same time make sure that it is not too long. With the numerous engagements that people have now have little time to read whole essays. Mention a few brief points about you which are enough to grab attention. The information must have enough information to create some curiosity. This is what can really make a difference of creating an effective advertisement.

Make sure to make all the spellings and grammar right 

One important thing to follow while advertising for cougar dating much like any other type of advertising is that you must make sure to have the basics of the ad message right. These include things like the spellings and grammar.  Silly mistakes in terms of spellings and grammar can be annoying and spoil your ad. Remember that the ad message would be read and followed by mature and experiences women. So they might be put off seeing such silly mistakes and might never respond to your advertisement. This is why you need to take a serious approach to make the most of your ads.

Tell briefly what you are looking for

With so many people now getting engaged in Cougar dating, this is no longer a taboo. SO be specific about what you want. Exactly mention what you are looking to achieve. This is what would prevent any confusion and make people respond. Besides, it would help you and your target audiences save a whole lot of time. Be specific to get better results for your cougar dating ads.

cougar with young man on bed

Always have a ”Call To Action”

As mentioned earlier you must be sure about what you want to achieve with your dating advertisement. It is in line with this that once you have been able to grab the attention of your target audience and also to have created sufficient amount of interest you must make them do what you want them to do. This is why your dating ad must have a “Call To Action”. This means that it must specify the target audience to do what is wanted i.e may be mentioned a Contact Number or WhatsApp No. where people can get in touch. It could also be visiting a Facebook Page or a User Profile on a particular online dating website. This is how you can have the desired results for your dating advertisement.

Try to be honest in your approach

No matter how short-term any relationship, but honesty and trust are the keys to it. So make sure that you are fully honest right from the start. The beginning happens with your dating ad if that is how you are planning to get started to connect with the cougars you want to date with. Therefore you must be honest in your approach.

How a cub can find a hot cougar on the best cougar dating websites?

Modern day dating has taken a completely new turn with the advent of e-dating and this is all the more prominent in the case of cougar dating. Now, many wouldn’t know what cougar dating is because it’s a relatively new term. Basically a cougar is an older woman who enters into a relationship (sexual or otherwise) with a man who is younger than her who is known as the cub. Most men (if not all) find older women very alluring because of their myriad qualities that come to the fore once a woman is mature. Cougar websites have sprung up by the dozen on the internet and each day hundreds of men and women register themselves as cougars or cubs in an attempt to hook up with their ideal mate.

best cougar dating websites reviews

A cub dating cougar can expect a lot of fresh excitement that youth brings as well as renewed sexual activity and companionship, which is a valuable commodity nowadays. With the advent of so many websites, it is hard to tell which a suitable one for a prospective cub is. However the basic rules of seeking a cougar on the best cougar dating websites remain the same, as all these sites use algorithms to find your match.

A cub needs to make sure that his profile is as attractive as possible because it is his first impression on the cougar and this impression will last. Along with that, nice photographs (not too many), and a few lines about yourself and how you like to spend your time would work wonders. Do not write an essay because nobody wants to know if you wear striped pants to work. Keep it short, simple and always be honest about your expectations from the relationship (yes, there is a field that requires you to state what you want from your ideal cougar). Sounds interesting? You’ll be surprised at the large number of women out there who are ready to jump into bed with you provided you do not act like a limpet. They are all successful and rich women in their own right and discretion is a very important factor for them. So do not go overboard with the affection and constant pinging.

All cougar websites have fields where you can filter you choice depending on your tastes. For example, you could want a hot and curvy 35 year blond of American origin who is interested in casual sex, within 5 miles of your residence, who’s fair and a Christian to boot. It also works the same way for the cougar that fills in her preferences hence the chances of finding the right partner through these websites increases greatly. The traditional dating scene where one has to go through a literal trial and error situation and often settle for second best has given way to these modern and streamlined cougar websites. All you have to do is be sure and clear about your intentions, which can range from a one night stand to a long term relationship.

According to  some recent surveys, the best cougar dating websites are:

Olderwomendating.com: this website stands out from the rest, because of its long standing business and great privacy options. Also you have access to the mobile app on the go.

Cougar App: This app is great for single women above 30 and also their younger counterparts. It seeks to build a stable foundation for the relationship to take off from.

CougarLife.com: CougarLife is  considered as one of the  best cougar dating websites out there and millions of couples swear by it, so it’s worth checking out.

BeNaughty.com: Benaughty.com is a website which filters your preferences to help you find your ideal match. It also emphasizes on the “want” factor, whether you’re there for fun, casual sex or a long term relationship.

CougarPassions.com: While this website does deliver the goods, privacy can be an issue with some people, especially for the women, so fill in details that you are sure that you want others to know.

DateaCougar.com: It’s the go to place for rich and successful women looking for a bit of fun on the side, and it has a large fan base.

CougarCubDating.com: it’s very useful for cub dating cougars that have multiple paid accounts on other websites because it’s FREE.

At the end of the day it all boils down to how much effort and time you put in the relationship and how sincere you are. You’ll find hot cougars waiting to pounce upon you if you happen to be their type of cub and that’s when all the fun starts.