Cougar dating guide in Australia – how to get a hot Australian cougar?

Cougar dating is gaining immense popularity in Australia and the single most reason behind it is the need to add freshness, excitement, love and happiness into one’s life. Young men are finding it hard to get along with women of their own age group, simply because they aren’t as mature, experienced or interesting as cougar women. So, if you too are desperate to find a hot Australian cougar but don’t know where to begin, then check out this cougar dating guide for succeeding in cougar dating in Australia.

cougar dating

Why Cougar Dating?

When it comes to dating, young women expect men to bear all their expenses and have a stable income. Men, on the contrary feel and argue that they shouldn’t be asked to take care of the bills every time they are out on a date. This is precisely why they start looking for rich and hot cougar women who are independent and don’t expect them to pay the food or shopping bills every time they plan to meet up or go on a date. Another advantage of dating cougar women is that they do not want to control or rule over men unlike young women who want them around them all the time. Apart from this, cougar women are more mature and understanding in matters of love, life, sex and relationship. This is one of the biggest reasons why young men find them attractive and want to date them or spend time with them.

Tips and Guide to Cougar Dating in Australia

Young Australian men are always searching for hot, sexy and interesting cougar women who want to enjoy their lives and make the most of their moments. However, in order to find the ideal companion, they should be careful enough to make all the right moves. Firstly, in order to succeed at cougar dating in Australia, young men must focus on their own expectations from a relationship and also find out what a cougar woman would want or expect from them. This logic also applies in case of cougar women who want to enter into a relationship with young, charming and exciting men.

Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

One of the easiest ways to spot a cougar woman and a young man is to be at the right place. If you are a young man then make sure you attend high profile parties, expensive bars and clubs and indulge in night life to find the cougar women of your dreams and desires. On the other hand, cougar women should be open to the idea of attending parties and enjoying night outs to meet their dream man. Young men looking to date awesome and interesting cougar women must be willing and confident enough to make the first move. Cougar women like the boyish charms and behavior and often end up dating men who can add the much required freshness and excitement into their lives.

Learn to Behave

No matter what you do, learn to behave yourself when you are at the club, hotel, party or any other venue where you are hoping to find your desired cougar women. Cougar women like boyish behavior, however, they wouldn’t want to end up with a man who is no more than a child and does not know how to behave with women. Remember, a cougar woman is searching for a companion or boyfriend who behaves and acts like an adult. Don’t make the mistake of behaving like small kids and wanting their attention all the time. Instead, act sensibly and move around with a lot of confidence and poise. You must understand that a cougar woman does not want to be or behave like your mother. She just wants to be your lady and is desperate to spend some of her most memorable moments with you.

Do Your Homework

In order to find your ideal match, you must first do your homework and find out what a cougar woman really wants or expects from a relationship. You can always a check cougar dating guide or go through numerous cougar dating articles to determine what they want from young men. This will simplify your search and also aid you in identifying a couple of quick and reliable tips for winning the heart of a cougar woman.

Cougar Dating Websites

Last but not the least, a cougar dating website is the best place to search for a cougar woman or young man. If you are annoyed and bored of your existing relationships and want more from your life then search for cougar women at local cougar dating websites. Such sites are extremely popular and preferred destination for many individuals in Australia who want to date like-minded partners. There are innumerable local cougar dating websites that feature some of the most beautiful, adorable and spicy cougar women and young men for dating purpose. You can always scan their profiles and take a closer look at their photos to determine which one is an ideal match for you. Hundreds and thousands of cougar women and young men in Australia are searching for some thrill and excitement and cougar dating sites are providing them will plenty of opportunities by featuring photos, relevant details and information about cougar women and young men who are worth their time and attention. All you really need to do is create your profile and upload your photo and once everything is in place you can commence your search for an adventurous and fabulous partner who is willing to go an extra mile along with you. Cougar dating platforms do all the hard work on your behalf, which means you simply need to chat with a person you find interesting enough and discover his/her likes and dislikes before you can go out on a date with them.

In a nutshell, cougar dating is a lot of fun, especially if you feel that your existing relationships are getting boring, dull and ugly. With just a couple of changes in your behavior, overall looks and approach, you can find the right person for yourself and engage in dating, meeting, sex and more.

# 9 Cougar Cub Dating

cougar cub dating

3stars Chance of Getting a Date
2stars Protect privacy
2stars Features
3stars Customer service
2stars Value for money

click here to visit website is a dating site for singles where beautiful single women look out for cubs. A cub is a relatively younger man who is in the process of becoming a full blown cougar. The purpose of this website is to attract novice cougars and help them find a match so that they learn about the tips and tricks of finding and dating better men. With a membership base comprising of plenty of attractive ladies and young men, your chances of finding a match are certainly high on this website. The fact that the website is part of the online connections dating network, which included many general as well as cougar dating websites. Being associated with a renowned brand certainly adds to the credibility of this site.


  • You wouldn’t have to pay anything to become a standard or basic user of this website. However, this would prevent you from access the advanced set of features.
  • Users have the option of upgrading their subscription plan in order to access all the available features this site has to offer. Clicking on the ‘upgrade’ option in the navigation menu would show you a list of all the premium subscription plans the site has to offer.


 The website is rich in terms of features and gives users no scope of any complains. While there are a few features that are absent on this site, it still manages to offer a decent package altogether. It is worth mentioning that free users have access to some basic options thereby giving them the opportunity to connect with like – minded people from all over the world. Nevertheless, if you’re keen on finding a companion without spending a great deal of time, upgrading your membership is recommended. Here is a list of some of the noteworthy features you’d find on this dating site:

  •  Free membership of this site allows users to create a profile by including their personal information and pictures.
  • In addition to the conventional profile picture, users would also be able to maintain a photo album consisting of all their personal moments.
  • They’d be able to search for potential matches based on age and location, using the primary search feature.
  • Furthermore, standard membership of this website would also allow them to send and receive flirts (pre – written message templates provided by the website)
  • Free members can also contact the customer support cell and resolve their doubts.
  • Premium membership of this site has been designed to give you more value for your money.
  • Premium users can not only send emails to fellow members but also initiate a real time chat using the built – in instant messaging client.
  • Premium users have the authority to maintain photo and video galleries, comprising of private moments they wish to share with a selective audience.
  • Check out safety tips and ensure you’re safe from online dating frauds.
  • Built – in privacy settings allows only selected users to access their galleries and albums. Paid users can also tweak privacy settings to stop other users from contacting them or hide their profile from search listings altogether.
  • Premium membership of this site would give you unrestricted access to the chat rooms, where you’d be able to communicate with a larger audience without having to initiate a conversation with every person individually.

Performing a Search

 As stated earlier, not every user of this site is considered equal and you’d have to upgrade your membership in order to access the extensive set of features this site brings to the table. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that only premium membership of this website would give you the privileges of using the advanced search option. On the other hand, standard membership of this site would restrict you to only quick search.

Quick Search allows users to search based on:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Looking for?

Advanced Search allows users to find a match based on:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Looking for?
  • Relationship status
  • Type of relationship you’re looking for
  • Interests / hobbies
  • Physical appearance

Quick search sticks to the basics whereas it is the advanced search feature that gives you the freedom of finding a potential companion based on your own terms. This way, you’d be able to connect with the perfect companion, irrespective of what you’re looking for.

Verdict has a very selective audience and it goes without saying that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a middle-aged woman new to the idea of cougar dating and seeking the company of a younger man, this site would cater to your needs. The website is pretty interactive and we have no complaints with the way it behaves.

The website sports a simplistic design approach, which isn’t over the top but manages to get the job done pretty well. All the features are easily accessible and there seems to be absolutely no issues with the design language of the website. Regardless of whether you’re new to the idea of online dating or an experienced user, this website is sure to satisfy you.

The home page of this website is where all the action begins. You start off by revealing your preferences, along with location and age. You then proceed onto the process of registering with the website. Once this is done, the site encourages users to move over to the process of designing a comprehensive profile. Once the profile is approved by the website admin, you’d be able to search for people around you, send winks or emails depending on your subscription package.

The website lacks a dedicated blog section as well as public forums so the site doesn’t excel when it comes to community features. Nevertheless, you’d still be able to make the most of email and IM clients, giving you a better chance of getting to know more about your potential companion.

click here to visit website

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