Things older women don’t like from online dating

If you are in a relationship with an older woman, congratulations for making it this far. When you are into older women dating, whether it is through an older woman dating app, older women dating online or mature older women that you have chosen, there exist some don’ts that should be followed in order for the relationship to be a steady one. If you know these golden rules then you will be on the same page with her.

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  • If you tell the woman that you are not in town, a natural response from her is an assumption that you are with another woman, busy dating them. And by the time you get back to her, she might have lost interest in you and turned to someone else. The online world is a huge one, and there are lots of curious young men out there.  In case you really need to go away, then you should at least wait before getting back in touch with her. You can follow a rule of thumb which says that in case you are not available at the end of seven days after sending the message, do not send the message.
  • If you are meeting an older woman for the first time, do not describe your physical characteristics in the introductory message. Even if you are the handsome hunk that she wants, lay off describing your body parts or physical appearance right at the beginning. It is something that women abhor and you should respect that.
  • Do not have a profile where you say that you have tried online dating but are not sure if it is the thing for you. This statement reeks of uncertainty and women do not like it at all. They want confident men to date online and you should project yourself as such. If you really are inclined to explain your position, then you should wait until the two of you meet over a cup of coffee or something.
  • Do not use pathetic pickup lines that look straight out of a television show. Remember that you are dating a mature and experienced woman who has had her full of this shit before. Be straight and to the point. This helps in keeping the conversation objective, to the point and most importantly, might take a bit of time for you to get used to this type of conversation, but the practice is worth it.
  • Older women do not like possessive suitors. Do not go about asking her all the time about where she went, whom she met and what she did. If she feels talking to you about it, then she will in due time. Respect her boundaries of private space and things will work out better for you.This again is showing restraint on your part, which is an admirable quality to have.Think before you write, and choose your words carefully. It will have the desired impact.

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  • Sometimes it, unfortunately, turns out that you are not compatible with the older woman you seek.Do not take it hard and continue to pester or stalk her online.It is a far better option for you if you accept the break up gracefully and move onto seeking someone else. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and all you need is to change tack and cast your fishing line again with better bait.
  • Suppose you meet an older woman online for the first time. She would like you to ask her out because there’s a specific purpose to it. Do not hang back for days and days in trying to decide whether you should ask her out or not. The ideal time to ask her out is after the two of you have exchanged pleasantries and also after five messages back and forth. In most cases, this has turned out to be a successful strategy and you would want to go with what has been tried and tested. There will be exceptions as in every other situation, but generally speaking, do not hang back for too long or she might lose interest in you and move onto someone else.
  • Do not send generic messages that most other young men use. Older women do not fall for it and will think that you are like the rest of them. Instead, take the time to study her profile in order to really get to know her, and send messages that relate to it. Your woman will appreciate the effort you have taken and you will be rewarded with intimacy.

These tips have come in useful for me over the course of time I was dating older women and I’m sure that with a little practice along with a pinch of common sense, things will turn out to be fine.

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Performing a Search is certainly not as matured as some of the other websites when it comes to searches. The search feature available on this site isn’t very well – defined and has a novice feel to it. Nevertheless, the search results are precise and bear a few details about the user along with a display picture. You’d have the liberty to initiate a conversation right from the search listings page. Some of the search and sort parameters on the site include:

  •  Location
  • Relationship desired
  • Current relationship status
  • Sexual preferences
  • Annual income
  • Children?
  • Looking to relocate?

There are enough parameters that an average internet user wouldn’t face any difficulty while finding an ideal companion.

Verdict is certainly one of the leading sites in the cougar dating or younger women – older men dating segment. This segment of dating that came into existence in the early 2000s has certainly gained popularity over the recent years, courtesy of the kind of benefits that age gap relationships have to offer.

In addition to this, given the fact that older women and younger men look to quench their sexual desires through a relationship like this, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that casual flinging has certainly become a trend these days. This is where stands out in the competition, offering exactly what users are looking for at the moment. is absolutely free to register with, for both men as well as woman from across the globe. However, this standard membership of the website wouldn’t allow users to tweak privacy settings and access other advanced features. As a matter of fact, standard membership on this site is a lot better in comparison to some of the other sites in this segment of online dating.

While other websites would require users to upgrade their subscription package in order to access the IM and email, this site would give standard users complete access to these handy communication options. It is worth noting that this isn’t alone to find a match and if you’re looking to get more visibility, upgrading your membership is mandatory, as it would help your website feature at the top of search listings and also highlight it in order to grab the attention of fellow users.

There is nothing revolutionary that this site has to offer. Unlike some sites that give users access to blogs / forums or a dedicated account manager, this site has no such fancy options under the kitty. It is simple and has a clear agenda – to help mature women and younger men get into a romantic relationship. It can be said that the site has done a decent job at this and would certainly appeal to a lot of people looking to explore this domain of online dating.

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