#4 Coo Meet Reviews

coo meet review

4stars Chance of Getting a Date
4stars Protect privacy
4stars Features
3stars Customer service
5stars Value for money

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With the boom in the information technology industry and the invention of smart devices, video calling has become very easy. Just by sitting at the comfort of your home you can have a face-to-face interaction with anyone. Capitalizing on this technological advancement CooMeet has designed a cougar dating site for the users. It has the next generation video call capability where people can connect with potential matches. Just visit the website and start the video chat with the press of a button to connect with people straight away through video calls. CooMeet is all about instant connection with people to find your potential date.

Sign up Process

CooMeet is very easy to use. You just have to turn on your camera and you will be connected with a random girl right away. You can just press next if you don’t like the person. For using paid version to enjoy the benefits of the website you will have to sign up. By entering basic information like e-mail address, name, nickname, sex, date of birth, country, region, the city of residence, etc. you can create an active account on the website.

How to Locate Potential Matches

Finding the right person to date is tricky. It is hard to verify the identity of a person when chatting online on a dating website. The website directly connects you with millions of true and genuine women that are looking to date younger men. The video chat option instantly connects you with a woman through a video call. If you wish to talk to someone else, then you just have to press the next button and move to the next profile.

Features of the Website

CooMeet is the most famous cougar dating website that has millions of men and women looking for their dates. The innovative video dating feature ensures fast connections with various users at the touch of a button. There are many features on the website that will enhance the dating experience.

  1. Anonymous and Secure Just by installing the application the user can start the video chat with other members without providing any personal information. This keeps your identity secure from fraudsters.
  2. Super Fast – The video dating feature works lightning so that you can connect with your potential match instantly. The webcam starts without any hassle to provide a seamless dating experience.
  3. High-quality video calling – The webcam uses the latest live video streaming technology and hence the image in the video is crystal clear. You can conveniently connect and talk with your potential match through video calls.

How to Communicate with Other Members

The team at CooMeet believes in direct human connection when it comes to dating, hence they have designed an innovative video calling feature by incorporating the latest technology so that users can instantly connect with potential matches. Once you click the video call button, then you are randomly connected with a girl to continue your conversation. If you would like to talk to someone else, then you just have to press the next button and proceed with your date search.


The cougar dating site, Coomeet is free to use. You just have to visit the site, tap on the video call button and connect directly with women to begin your date search by interacting with them through video calls. To use exclusive features on the website you can take paid membership for multiple durations. The premium packages available at CooMeet are:

  1. One-month membership – $9.99 with 20 minutes of free calling time.
  2. Six-month membership – $7.99 per month with 60 minutes of free calling time.
  3. One-year membership – $4.99 per month with 120 minutes of free calling time.
  4. Unlimited membership – $99.99 lifetime with 200 minutes of free calling time.

If the premium subscription is paid in another currency, then the money is converted to USD at your bank’s exchange rate. You will have to buy extra minutes of calling once your free calling time has expired. A one-minute call will cost $0.5.

Active Member

CooMeet has millions of beautiful, energetic, and confident cougar women from around the world that most men would want to date. Dating an older woman can be beneficial in many ways. These women are independent and don’t create any drama in relationships. It’s hard to find quality women for dating and this website has just the right women population that you would love to date.

Privacy Policy

Personal information is highly sensitive and has to be protected by all means. At CooMeet, the personal information filled by a user during registration is used only by the company to provide its services. No third party individual or company has access to this information. The user also has a right to change their information on the website at any time. A consent for sharing personal information is taken from the user if they are connecting to third party websites through CooMeet.

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Top Ten Cougar Pick-Up Lines

Cougar dating can be quite interesting, especially when you know when to strike the right chord. But when you are new to this game of love and want to make the most of it then creative, humorous and clever pick-up lines can always come for the rescue.

cougar dating cub in a bar

Without any further ado let’s reveal what the top 10 cougar pick-up lines are and how you them to win their hearts.

1. Let me buy you a drink

This is one of the simplest and perhaps the best pick-up line used for cougars. It showcases your genuine side and hence is a best start to the relationship. Remember, when you use this line don’t sound too threatening rather stay polite, take no as an answer (if at all the answer is no) and never ever be too cheesy. 

2. I’ve seen you somewhere?

You can never go wrong with this pick-up line on your first date. Make your move towards her, and when your eyes contact then ask “Have we met before?” or “I think I’ve seen you somewhere”. The idea is to pretend so that you can grab here attention and make her feel that you had been thinking about her for long time.

3. The dumb play

The dumb play lines bring out a silly smile and let them explore the humorous you. Few examples of such lines include: You carry a map, approach them and ask: “I think I’ve lost my way, can you help me how to get to your heart?”. Hold the map in a nerdy way as this will make the laugh the most.

Say “I’ve been to this spectacular Irish pub you see, with the best food and it is known as McDonalds, we must meet there someday!

4. Were you thinking about me?

When you are unable to control the flirtatious funny spark within you then just look into their eyes and ask them “Were you thinking about me?” or “There is something too special about your eyes, I think we’ve got a connect”. Those appraisals will definitely keep her thinking about you, and if she does you stand corrected.   

5. I think I’ve misplaced my phone can you call me?

If you are on a date and are not sure whether you should ask her number or not, then a crazy pick-up line is just pretend that you are not able to find your phone and then seek for help, : “I think I’ve misplaced my phone can you call me?” The moment she calls, mission accomplished!

6. You look like that famous celebrity!

Cougars who have a fit body and flawless skin love to appreciated. But, instead of telling it to them directly, you can just say “Wow, you are so fit, you just look like that famous celebrity”.

7. Do you love photography, I think you can picture us together

This particular line hits the cheesy notes and is best when you are on a date. Say, if you are interested in being with the women but there are no signs of approval yet then go up for it with this one and witness the difference it can create in her reaction.

8. Yes, I can do it

This is another humorous line to look out for. For this, go to her and tell Yes, I can do it. As an immediate response she would reply, What? say, “I can go out for lunch with you tomorrow”. She might laugh out at once but this fine move can leave a lingering impression in her mind.

9. Are you looking for something?

When walking down the street along with your cougar simply wait for a moment and ask “Are you looking for something?”, if she responds as what then smile and say “My heart”! 

10. I think you are hotter than this cup of coffee

The last one is an intensified one which works best when you are already in an relationship with the cougar. Let’s say if she is upset about a particular thing and is having coffee along with you then you can have clever take with the line “I think you are hotter than this cup of coffee”.

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What is Naughty dating? Is it the same as Cougar Dating?

To see if naughty dating is similar to cougar dating, we have to take a look at the meaning of the word “naughty”. It is described in most dictionaries and thesauruses as many things; headstrong, mischievous, rowdy and playful. Way back, in the 1600’s, a woman of questionable character or overt sexuality was called “a naughty woman or pack”. Times since then have changed considerably and we are in the 21st century now, with uninhibited freedom to explore and discover our sexuality, as well as to experiment with new partners; something which was frowned upon earlier.

So what exactly is Naughty Dating?

Naughty dating is a potpourri of many things together. It requires you to be free and without inhibitions to approach a woman/man and strike up a conversation that is laced with suggestiveness. It may happen on the subway, a restaurant, the workplace, between friends, on a smartphone app and many other situations, it all depends on how far you are willing to take it and how the response to your advances is. If you play your cards right and spruce yourself up a bit, it heightens your chances of landing a partner for the night, because that what naughty dating is all about. Not many people have the courage to strike up a conversation laced with sexual overtones in person, so naughty dating apps are filling in the void at the moment.

naughty dating online

In naughty dating, there are literally no strings attached; strike up a conversation, show some cleavage with a few suggestive teasers, and you’ll have the stud you’ve been eyeing for some time snuggling up to you in no time. Naughty dating is quite different from cougar dating. It requires you to be more open and flirtatious, titillating and sensual, while not crossing the fine line of vulgarity. Cougar dating in comparison to naughty Dating is quite staid, where generally a rich woman or man who is older than you will take you under their wing and lavish you with presents and cash in in return for sexual favours or companionship. This happens under the cover of a smartphone app usually, and the sugar babies can upload their pictures and profiles to prospective sugar moms and daddies who scan through them and choose the one of their liking, much like a marketplace. Many a student has financed his or her higher education by being a sugar baby and well, it “pays”.

Types of Cougar Women

There are all kinds of cougars out there; starting from the bored lonely housewife who has nothing to do all day but fantasize as her youth fades while the husband is chairing the board meeting. Then you’ll find naughty cougar women who are MILF’s and they won’t hang back while asking you to buy them a drink. There are a plethora of naughty dating online activities available and if you’re feeling adventurous try using a naughty dating specific app which spells out your needs quite clearly; sex for the night.

Reading more at: www.naughtydatingwebsites.com

# 11 Cougar Cub Dating

cougar cub dating

3stars Chance of Getting a Date
2stars Protect privacy
2stars Features
3stars Customer service
2stars Value for money

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CougarCubDating.com is a dating site for singles where beautiful single women look out for cubs. A cub is a relatively younger man who is in the process of becoming a full blown cougar. The purpose of this website is to attract novice cougars and help them find a match so that they learn about the tips and tricks of finding and dating better men. With a membership base comprising of plenty of attractive ladies and young men, your chances of finding a match are certainly high on this website. The fact that the website is part of the online connections dating network, which included many general as well as cougar dating websites. Being associated with a renowned brand certainly adds to the credibility of this site.


  • You wouldn’t have to pay anything to become a standard or basic user of this website. However, this would prevent you from access the advanced set of features.
  • Users have the option of upgrading their subscription plan in order to access all the available features this site has to offer. Clicking on the ‘upgrade’ option in the navigation menu would show you a list of all the premium subscription plans the site has to offer.


 The website is rich in terms of features and gives users no scope of any complains. While there are a few features that are absent on this site, it still manages to offer a decent package altogether. It is worth mentioning that free users have access to some basic options thereby giving them the opportunity to connect with like – minded people from all over the world. Nevertheless, if you’re keen on finding a companion without spending a great deal of time, upgrading your membership is recommended. Here is a list of some of the noteworthy features you’d find on this dating site:

  •  Free membership of this site allows users to create a profile by including their personal information and pictures.
  • In addition to the conventional profile picture, users would also be able to maintain a photo album consisting of all their personal moments.
  • They’d be able to search for potential matches based on age and location, using the primary search feature.
  • Furthermore, standard membership of this website would also allow them to send and receive flirts (pre – written message templates provided by the website)
  • Free members can also contact the customer support cell and resolve their doubts.
  • Premium membership of this site has been designed to give you more value for your money.
  • Premium users can not only send emails to fellow members but also initiate a real time chat using the built – in instant messaging client.
  • Premium users have the authority to maintain photo and video galleries, comprising of private moments they wish to share with a selective audience.
  • Check out safety tips and ensure you’re safe from online dating frauds.
  • Built – in privacy settings allows only selected users to access their galleries and albums. Paid users can also tweak privacy settings to stop other users from contacting them or hide their profile from search listings altogether.
  • Premium membership of this site would give you unrestricted access to the chat rooms, where you’d be able to communicate with a larger audience without having to initiate a conversation with every person individually.

Performing a Search

 As stated earlier, not every user of this site is considered equal and you’d have to upgrade your membership in order to access the extensive set of features this site brings to the table. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that only premium membership of this website would give you the privileges of using the advanced search option. On the other hand, standard membership of this site would restrict you to only quick search.

Quick Search allows users to search based on:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Looking for?

Advanced Search allows users to find a match based on:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Looking for?
  • Relationship status
  • Type of relationship you’re looking for
  • Interests / hobbies
  • Physical appearance

Quick search sticks to the basics whereas it is the advanced search feature that gives you the freedom of finding a potential companion based on your own terms. This way, you’d be able to connect with the perfect companion, irrespective of what you’re looking for.


 CougarCubDating.com has a very selective audience and it goes without saying that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a middle-aged woman new to the idea of cougar dating and seeking the company of a younger man, this site would cater to your needs. The website is pretty interactive and we have no complaints with the way it behaves.

The website sports a simplistic design approach, which isn’t over the top but manages to get the job done pretty well. All the features are easily accessible and there seems to be absolutely no issues with the design language of the website. Regardless of whether you’re new to the idea of online dating or an experienced user, this website is sure to satisfy you.

The home page of this website is where all the action begins. You start off by revealing your preferences, along with location and age. You then proceed onto the process of registering with the website. Once this is done, the site encourages users to move over to the process of designing a comprehensive profile. Once the profile is approved by the website admin, you’d be able to search for people around you, send winks or emails depending on your subscription package.

The website lacks a dedicated blog section as well as public forums so the site doesn’t excel when it comes to community features. Nevertheless, you’d still be able to make the most of email and IM clients, giving you a better chance of getting to know more about your potential companion.

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