Is sugar daddy dating more popular than cougar dating in Europe?

Online dating has gained a great deal of popularity in Europe in the past couple of years. Men and women, both are equally keen about dating, which has completely transformed the landscape of dating. A growing number of beautiful cougar women are searching for financially independent or hot young men. Similarly, younger women in Europe are also interested in finding handsome and wealthy sugar daddies. Read on to find out whether sugar daddy dating is more popular that cougar dating in Europe.

Cougar Dating in Europe

Dating Sugar Daddies- Why has the concept gained prominence in Europe?

An increasing number of younger females want to meet sugar daddies in Europe today. The reason is pretty simple. Younger females wish to find out what dating sugar daddies feels like. Younger women or sugar babies love the idea of dating a rich and well-off guy. They want to spend quality time with rich men who are capable of handling all their tantrums and are also willing to fulfill all their wishes and desires. They want their older partners to love, pamper and appreciate them. While, younger men do not like pampering their girlfriends, older men are more mature and understand that younger females want to be pampered and spoiled. As a result, both younger women and older women are able to satisfy each other and keep their relationship alive. Younger women want their partners to buy them their favourite stuff and gifts and seek financial stability from them. On the other hand, older men find this entire arrangement very attractive and willingly present gifts and goodies to their sugar babies. This is precisely why a growing number of dating sites are now helping sugar daddies and sugar babies in meeting and connecting with each other.

What is Cougar Dating? Reasons behind its Popularity

Cougar dating has also become popular in Europe. Younger men are searching for older and experienced women and even the cougar women are interested in meeting and dating young, handsome and hot boys who are full of life and energy. Younger boys in Europe find the idea of dating older women both fascinating and unique. Unlike younger women who need a lot of attention, love and appreciation all the time, older women are way more sensible and mature. They don’t want men to pamper them all the time. They’re rather interested in supporting them and listening to their stories. Most of the cougar women in Europe are financially independent and self-dependent. This is exactly why they willingly bear all the expenses of their younger partners and younger men in turn find this idea appealing and attractive. Besides, older women are highly experienced in sexual matters. They know how to satisfy the sexual and intimate desires of men. Younger men find this very attractive and desperately want to be with cougar women who can offer love, money, sex and intimacy to them.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, both cougar dating and sugar daddy dating is gaining prominence in European countries. Both men and women in Europe are appreciative of the idea of dating someone older or younger to them and are not being judgemental about anything. By the way, you can find the best sugar daddy websites there!

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As the name suggests, is a website for people that prefer to stay away from a serious relationship and are looking for a casual fling with a younger or older companion. While there is certainly a possibility that you might end up meeting the love of your life, the website doesn’t endorse this as one of its specializations. The tagline of this site, “nobody takes dating too seriously” should make people seeking a life companion sway away from this site. The website boasts of a subscriber base of around a million users, mainly from Australia. So, if you belong to any other corner of the globe, this might not be as useful.


 As a free user of this site, all you can do is create a free profile, search for a member and add them to your favorites list, and wink at another member. Access to any other feature on this profile is largely limited to premium users. In order to become a premium user of this site and access the advanced set of options, you’d have to pay a subscription fee. The details are stated below:

  • 6-month subscription: $21.99 per month
  • 3-month subscription: $32.99 per month
  • 1 month subscription: $43.99

Users that are interested in upgrading their membership can pay using the credit card, PayPal, GiroPay as well as via phone. The website has the auto-renew option activated by default. If you don’t want to continue being a member of this site, it is advised that you uncheck it.

Features isn’t very different from some of the other sites in this segment of online dating. You’re presented with the same set of options that have a proven track record of helping users connect with like-minded people from across the globe. The website is based in Australia and the makers of this site certainly seem to know about the likes and dislikes of the Aussie audiences. Some of the noteworthy features available on the site include:

  • Create a profile for free and upgrade your membership to access the extended set of options available on the site.
  • Search for a match and save your favorite searches.
  • The reverse search option helps you find people that are seeking a companion like you.
  • Look for people that are active online.
  • Like other users or add them to your favorites list.
  • Change your profile filter settings to be able to view ‘sexy’ photos that have been shared by other members.
  • The website gives a match guarantee. So, if you’re unable to find a match in 6 months, your subscription period would be increased.
  • Access all the features of from your mobile device.
  • Premium members can initiate a video chat with someone whom they’re interested in.
  • Access chat rooms and connect with a wider subscriber base. This way you’d be able to find a companion with great ease.
  • The Instant messaging client is accessible only to users who have upgraded their subscription package.
  • Full-size photos of other users can be viewed only by premium users of this website.

Performing a Search

 Performing a search on this website is very easy. The process if self – explanatory and it wouldn’t take a great deal of time to understand the working of all the search filters available. The search options work well but they certainly cannot be compared to those available on bigger and better websites such as and Once again, you’re offered the same set of parameters and filtering options that help you find someone interesting from over a million users available on the site. Find a match based on the following parameters:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Relationship status
  • Sexual preferences
  • Relationship desired
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Drinking/smoking habits
  • Children?
  • Flexibility to relocate to any other part of the country?

Searching for a match based on the above-mentioned set of parameters would certainly help you connect with the right people in very little time.

Verdict isn’t a website for everyone. As a matter of fact, the site caters to a very restricted audience, preferably those who are looking for a casual relationship and don’t might any age difference. The male to female ratio on the site is 64:34, which can certainly be regarded as decent for an online dating service that emphasizes casual relationships.

With a staggering membership base of over a million users, this is also one of the largest online communities in Australia. The kind of features that this site has to offer also makes it easier for users to find a match and initiate a conversation in real-time. It is also worth mentioning that standard membership of this site wouldn’t offer much and it is advised you upgrade your subscription plan. With subscription plans starting from as little as $21.99 per month, this site offers great value for money.

Premium membership is something that you should look forward to. With features such as video chat, instant messaging, emailing, and winking, connecting with someone interesting would be a cakewalk. Another aspect of this site that makes it worthwhile is the advanced search options, which gives users the opportunity to find a match on their own terms. The website also allows users to maintain a favorites list.

The easy to navigate the user interface of this site is certainly an asset and users wouldn’t face any issue to make the most of all features available on the site. The affordable subscription option, coupled with top-notch features, makes for a decent user experience. All in all, if you’re on the lookout for a website that promotes casual flings, this is the site to join.

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